Monday, January 24, 2011

dead space 2


  1. Hi dude. I was desperatly waiting for your blog. Be sure I'll be checking ur stuff regularely, because I consider U one big #*%$ing talent.
    Dead Space is an awesome game. I do have the feeling that we have a lot in common gamingwise.

    One suggestion though. You might want to change the overall blog language to english in your settings menu. It will make it alot easier to navigate for international viewers. Oh, in case you don't know who I am (wallflipjack on Deviantart)

    Hope to see more stuff from you soon.

  2. Sorry for doublepost. I want to put a link on my blog and I was wondering as whom you want to be reffered to. Stefan A.? Possibly Wi-flip-FF? I'd rather have a last name though because I try to get a decent list of concepts down. Let me know via devart or blog-thingy.

  3. just FLIP is fine :) A. stands for Atanasov - Stefan Atanasov. I'll see about the language.

  4. Done. Much easier to get a comment down, now :)